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The activity of our oil mill is based upon directly produced olives from our olive groves and from those that local farmers bring us annually. This is not only an explanation of the technical production of oils, but also and above all of the family and community dimension that belongs to us.

firma frantoio oleario giocondo san vito chietino

Art and passion

The morning olive harvest, lunch in the countryside and dinner in the evening with oil from freshly harvested olives is a set of moments that have something magical and not easily explained because it concerns the intimacy and affection of people. A dimension that we perceive, experience and share when we receive the olives that these families have collected to which we then return the oil they will use for the following months.

We talk about magic because every year, like children, it is a surprise for us to see the first drops of oil that come out of the plant; an event in which we participate with trepidation and deep participation. This is the spirit of the artisan dimension of our work. We perceived it as a craftsmanship that is not the absence of innovation, on the contrary!

In fact, in our oil mill, we have state-of-the-art plants that we renew from year to year, optimizing, improving and customizing the various equipment taking into account all the innovations in the sector. This allows us to check in detail every aspect of processing: from the selection of the various cultivars to the choice of the type of oil we want to obtain, passing through the definition of the degree of ripeness and all the processing parameters that may vary in the production of an extra virgin olive oil.

Repeated gestures
fot five generations

The oil mill has an inevitable propensity for mechanics in him, and it is a historical feature that we find in the stories of grandfather Giocondo and his ancestors. This is because those who work in the mill always have the need to deal with the functioning of the machines, their evolution and the inevitable breakdowns or unforeseen events that may occur.

There are specialized technicians, of course, but often the processing takes place at night and the timeliness of intervention is essential; knowing where and how to put your hand, especially for small maintenance, has always been a necessity that the millers have developed and which is still present today. For this reason, Dino’s professional skills as a mechanical engineer are an added value for us today.

to remember

The harvest


The kneading

Extraction with decanter


Abruzzo is for us the territory of San Vito Chietino, made of sandstone and stone hills, a land that includes the family passion of local farmers who contribute to making this land to be a part of the production of our olive oil.