The tradition
is part of our family

Ours is a historic oil mill for the territory of San Vito Chietino; a story that begins around 1930. We were able indeed to date the foundation of the mill from the stories of local farmers from whom we heard the origins of the Giocondo mill. Origins that are founded in the memory of our family and in that of those who lived, defended and rebuilt this mill following all the events (often daring) that have affected it over the course of almost a century.

In the beginning it was grandfather Giocondo who was followed by Nicola, Giocondo 2, Nicola and Dino (short for Giocondino) who today, together with his wife Cinzia and their two children, guide and guard the most precious asset: the continuation of the mill and the olive groves of family.

Young people and the future

The activity of our mill has been handed down from father to son for five generations in the true sense of the word. The children have always, even maintaining their own individual professional path, continued to guard and cultivate the family business: the oil mill. Today Dino, with a degree in mechanical engineering, deals with the production of oil in the olive grove and in the mill, the technical activity of tasting and the evaluation of the oils, while his wife Cinzia is in charge of marketing and takes care of the administration and management of customers.

Nowadays, our extra virgin olive oils travel more than we do: they reach all of Europe, in particular Sweden, Holland, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, plus we ship to Australia and New Zealand.

Personal stories are intertwined with those of local families who can tell many anecdotes about the work done by grandfather Giocondo and his parents and ancestors, confirming that our job is much more than just a job itself. We can say it is very much a passion. An artisan passion that we pass on to our children who could become the sixth generation of oil millers.